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Sweet Gum Maple Pods

Forager/Dyer/Human Collaborator: Casey Broderick

Plant/Non Human Collaborator: Sweet Gum Maple Pods

Color/Fiber: Brown on both fibers. Linen mordanted with Alum acetate + chalk afterbath. Wool mordanted with Potassium Alum Sulfate.

Date Foraged: 2/21/21

Location Foraged: NE 87 + Wygant, PDX

Dye Method: Stove Top

Notes from Casey: I've always felt such disdain for the sweetgum pod - having to collect them from the yard, stepping on them absent-mindedly. I wanted to spend time with this plant in another way.

I recently moved from the house with the sweetgum trees and was surprised to find myself feeling weepy for not appreciating them more while I was there. I reckon it has less to do with the actual trees and more to do with processing memories from that home and acknowledging and honoring that part of my life.

I've taken two natural dye classes through Wildcraft but it was this project that initiated the practicing on my own, so thank you.


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