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Oregon Grape Leaves + Stems

Forager/Dyer/Human Collaborator: Marilyn Joyce

Plant/Non Human Collaborator: Oregon Grape (Mahonia Aquafolium)

Color/Fiber: Pale green on cotton mordanted with Alum Acetate + chalk afterbath. Pale gray green on wool mordanted with Potassium Alum Sulfate

Date Foraged: March 20, 2021 (first day of spring)

Location Foraged: Northwest Germantown Road, PDX

Dye Method: Stove Top




I used the flowers with the fabric I had, so I was able to explore the plant minus the roots. I soaked the stems overnight. The dye process was approximately one hour.

I thought it was a lovely plant to usher in spring equinox. It represented new growth even though the flowers weren't quite blooming plus it was nice to use much of the plant. The roots are used for medicinal purposes and also dyes but I didn't use those.

I am learning about plants in my area, as it expands my knowledge of a place. so this was a valuable experience.


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