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Borage Flowers

Forager/Dyer/Human Collaborator: Rose Holdorf

Plant/Non Human Collaborator: Borage Flowers

Color/Fiber: Blue Green/Sage on linen mordanted with Alum Acetate + chalk after bath. Yellow Green/Chartreuse on wool mordanted with Potassium Alum Sulfate.

Date Foraged: April 3, 2021

Location Foraged: 38483 Plowshares Rd Corvallis, Or

Dye Method: Solar

Recipe + Notes:

I grow it in my garden and it is so abundant. It just started blooming and I wondered if the flowers would make a blue dye.

Borage grows like crazy and I have been pulling it out. I value it so much and know it makes bees happy too :)


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