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Black Walnut

Plant/Non Human Collaborator: Black Walnuts

Forager/Dyer/Human Collaborator:

Cydni Carter Lopez

Color/Fiber: Purple Brown on Linen mordanted with Alum Acetate

Date Foraged: August 10, 2020

Location Foraged: Buckman Field, NE 16th, Portland, OR

Dye Method: Stove Top

Recipe: foraged in the field where I walked my dog. A giant walnut tree lived on the edge of the field as was the prized shady location all summer. If I walked Diego early enough we could gather all the fallen walnuts that had accumulated. I used 3 walnuts to dye approx 50 grams of linen.

Three walnuts starting to release their pigment – called jugalone.

The walnuts after taking them out of the dye bath – they turned black! I bet there is more pigment in there!


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