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St. John's Wort Gold Cup Fruit

Plant/Non Human Collaborator: St John's Wort - Golden Cup, red fruit after the flowers

Forager/Dyer/Human Collaborator: Cydni Carter Lopez

Color/Fiber: Pink Brown on Linen mordanted with Alum Acetate

Date Foraged: July 3, 2020

Location Foraged: NE 18th & Glisan,

Dye Method: Stove Top

Recipe: Collected just two block from my house. A pacific northwest native this was put in my landscapers around an apartment complex. The plants exploded in the particularly sunny spots. I walked by the bright yellow flowers for weeks and watched them turn into. radiantly red berries or bulbs. I harvested as many as I could find and dyed about 50 grams of linen.


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